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Study Resources provided by our motoring school

Welcome to our study resources page. Here you will find many helpful resources that will help you on your journey to your driving license. If you are especially new to the road, we suggest you have a look at the material provided in this page, as it will help you understand the tips and tricks of the road.

Documents and guidelines

Below you can find the documents that you will need to fill out regarding the theory and practical tests, as well as a few important documents that should be read and understood before and after hitting the road.

Learners Permit

A learners permit is required in order to be able to be able to start learning with a motoring school.

You can download the application form by clicking on the button below!

Driving offence codes

The law of the road must be followed at all times! Learn about Malta's penalty point system by clicking the button below!

Guidelines for driving instructors and examiners

Instructors and examiners follow guidelines provided by transport malta, which can be seen by clicking the button below!

Theory study material

Below are study notes which are aimed at preparing our students to ace their theory test.

The Highway Code

Everything you need to know about the laws and ways of the road in one book and only one click away!

Theory test revision booklet

This booklet contains the answers to the theory test questions, a perfect way to revise with just one click away. The booklet matches the theory test questions both in English and Maltese, you may download both.

Video tutorials

Split into six categories are multiple videos on what a student needs to know to get prepared for their practical test.

Straight reverse

Left reverse corner

Performing an emergency stop

How to perform a hill start

Driving in wet weather conditions

The two second rule in dry weather conditions

Turning right at a cross road

Unmarked cross roads

Cross roads with a car emerging and following the road ahead

Turning right at cross roads - clearing the junction

Turning right at roundabout while exiting from the right lane

Large roundabout - Road ahead at the third exit

Mini roundabout - Turning right at the third exit

Mini roundabout - Turning left at the first exit

Mini roundabout - Following road ahead at the second exit

Double mini round abouts

Turning right with multiple lanes on approach - Performing a multiple lane exit

Following road ahead of the second exit

Turning left first exit at a roundabout

Following road ahead of the second exit

Blockers at roundabouts

Turning right at cross roads - clearing the junction

Emerging turning right in a close junction

Turning left in an open junction

Turning right in an open junction

Turning right to a close junction

Turning left at a junction

Traffic lights with box junction turning right

Turning right after approaching a junction

Parallel parking

Bay parking

Join our team today!

If you are a fully qualified driving instructor and have always been interested in trying out something new, as well as have a great passion for teaching, we can offer you with a great opportunity to work as a self-employed driving instructor.


  • A) You must be in possession of a valid Driving Instructor Permit.
  • B) You must have excellent communication skills.
  • C) You must be fluent in both English and Maltese

If on the other hand you are interested in changing your career path to becoming a driving instructor, and you have possessed a Maltese driving license for the past 5 years or over, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process.


If you would like more details about our motoring school, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form below, or by reaching out to us on social media platforms.

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